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City of Amsterdam - Envisioning a Human-Centric Tech Future

Helped one of Europe’s best-loved cities re-think its future to embrace technology in a human-centric way
Kate O'Neill at Amsterdam Economic Board

Amsterdam will be turning 750 years old in 2025, and like anyone approaching a milestone birthday, they want to be at their best when they reach that age. So they have identified a set of pillars around which they want to improve measurably, such as achieving a fully circular economy by 2050 and being halfway to that by 2025. These pillars also include many challenges of digital transformation and data enablement, while remaining committed to human-centricity and integrative thinking.

Our engagement

The Amsterdam Economic Board approached me to speak at a special tech-focused event. They wanted a combination of my Tech Humanist and Pixels and Place concepts to help them leapfrog — from a position perceived as behind other European cities and countries where AI research and leadership are concerned — into a position of modeling the way forward.


With input collected from their team, KO Insights developed and presented a “Human-Centric Metropolis of the Future” model in a keynote presentation in December 2018.

We were also honored to participate, with Kate O’Neill as guest of honor, in a specially-organized VIP dinner with the University of Amsterdam that brought together city and regional leaders to discuss ramifications of AI and other emerging technologies.


This model will help them carry out the next years of their growth, renewal, and improvement projects within a framework aligned around meaningful human experiences.

Key Concepts

It’s time to create a human-centric strategy for a change-filled future.

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