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Young Presidents Organization is the largest community of chief executives in the world. For their Innovation Week, staged in cities globally, they brought in a range of top speakers and facilitators. The leaders were looking to be inspired, understand innovations happening in Hong Kong/China and around the world, and to have a good laugh. They told us they heard Kate speak about digital transformation and strategic organizational purpose on a podcast — and they loved it and felt that their attendees needed to hear it.

Our engagement

YPO approached Kate to deliver a facilitated keynote — sort of a hybrid of team facilitation and keynote — at Innovation Week in Hong Kong. It was to be the closing session for a gathering of 68 CEOs, from many different industries (manufacturing, technology, media, real estate, hospitality, retail) largely from Korea, China, Japan, as well as from countries all over the world (Guatemala, South East Asia, USA, Mongolia, and Europe).


Developed and presented a “facilitated keynote” in May 2019 to 68 CEOs gathered in Hong Kong for Innovation Week. Kate used a portion of the time for from-the-stage keynote to introduce some concepts, and then led participants through interactive exercise using her “Human-Centric Digital Transformation Strategy Canvas.” The focus was on strategic organizational purpose as a necessary part of human-centric digital transformation.


Participants enjoyed being led through the keynote portion of the session as a way of level-setting and introducing concepts and vocabulary, and they especially loved that they got to walk away with their own work. The canvas they completed can be the beginning of a transformation roadmap.

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digital transformation, innovation, future, strategy, strategic organizational purpose, keynote speaking, strategy, CEOs, executive leadership, strategic facilitation, facilitated keynote

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It’s time to create a human-centric strategy for a change-filled future.

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