Kate O'Neill and her book Tech Humanist

Tech Humanist

A Book on Digital Transformation

How You Can Make Technology Better for Business and Better for Humans

Technology drives the future we create. But are we steering that technology in directions that create that future in the best way, for the most people?

In “Tech Humanist,” Kate O’Neill examines the intent, goals and avenues through which people create and distribute technology, and the amplifying effects technology has on the values the organizations that deploy it.

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O’Neill defines a new model of business leader — the “tech humanist” — as developing honest assessments of organizational goals that move far beyond traditional P&L statements, and peer deeper into the consequences of everyday human experience design within our increasingly tech-driven culture.

It’s the idea of using purpose as a strategy — defining organizational meaning, consequences and outcomes to align both business and human objectives — to spur making the world better by making the technology better. And it’s a role that needs to emerge as quickly and spread as completely as the new technologies it aims to harness for the common good, for both businesses and humans alike.

Tech Humanist Testimonial
“For the past two decades, the Computer History Museum has chronicled the amazing rise of the technology which just in our lifetime has become the most powerful agent of change the world has ever known.

While the stories of creativity, invention, innovation and impact are fascinating, what all this means for the future and humanity is what we are poised to take on now as an institution.

Nowhere has this become more clear to me and my colleagues here at the museum than in reading Kate O’Neill’s blog about a year ago entitled “The Tech Humanist Manifesto.”

The idea that we need to develop and imbed in all future technologies the very best of ourselves and our ethics and ultimately have the goal of those emerging technologies to make us better humans has resonated deeply into our own plans of what we will present, discuss, and debate going forward.

After reading the manifesto, my initial thoughts were “Kate should write a book on this.” Which I am very happy that she has done, and now her humor, excellent insights and heartfelt philosophy can reach the leaders and influencers throughout the world. And the rest of us too.”

Gary Matsushita, Vice President, Computer History Museum

Tech Humanist

The Tech Humanist Show

Launched in 2020, The Tech Humanist Show is a multi-media-format program exploring how data and technology shape the human experience, hosted by Kate O’Neill. You can review the show’s archives on YouTube or at the show’s website.

The Tech Humanist Show
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Tech Humanism

How Data and Technology Shape the Future of Meaningful Human Experiences
  • Human-Centric Digital Transformation
  • Humanity At Scale
  • Automation, Integration, AI
  • Better Tech for the Future of Humanity
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Kate O'Neill and her book Tech Humanist

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