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How Data and Technology Shape the Future of Meaningful Human Experiences
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Kate O'Neill at Yale
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A human-centric perspective

At a time when every business in every industry faces digital transformation or disruption due to emerging technologies, new business models, fickle platforms, and evolving customer expectations, how can you be sure you’re making the right decisions and investments to secure your company’s future?

What’s more, with everything changing so fast, what can you do to prevent ending up on the wrong side of data breaches and overreaches, ethics and regulatory missteps, and PR nightmares?

The future of human experience

As relevant to non-profits as to financial services, to high tech, hospitality, or healthcare, in this keynote, Kate O’Neill pulls it all together and puts it in context.

She surveys the ups and downs of the emerging technology and cultural trends landscape and demonstrates how the decisions companies make have far-reaching impact both to their bottom line — and to the future of human experience as a whole.

Kate O'Neill at Mind the Product London

“OMG Kate O’Neill was absolutely amazing. This was our highest attended All Hands yet. We are getting nothing but amazing feedback.”

Former Client

Kate O'Neill at Mind the Product London

Kate O’Neill, The Tech Humanist

Kate makes the humanity-affirming case for the importance of meaning and meaningful experiences as guiding principles within business strategy and innovation, and shows leaders how to use these clarifying insights to articulate the kind of organizational focus that can help align priorities and resources so you can invest and adapt with confidence.

You’ll come away with insights to help you drive a meaningful and “human-centric” digital transformation with greater agility.

“One of the smartest and most forward-thinking people in the interactive space”

Former Client

Areas of Focus

Each of these topics blends forward thinking, an overall optimistic outlook, and insightful takeaways for the audience through Kate O’Neill‘s breadth of experience and bleeding-edge thinking.

Kate O'Neill at Mind the Product London

Human-Centric Digital Transformation

A Tech Humanist Perspective
Kate O'Neill at Cisco

Humanity At Scale

Data, Emerging Tech, and the Future of Meaningful Human Experience
Kate O'Neill at EPIC

Automation, Integration, AI

and the Future of Meaningful Human Experience
Kate O'Neill at HCD

Better Tech for the Future of Humanity

and Why We ALL Need to Build It

“Kate's presentation style is dynamic and engaging. And her message is positive and relevant in today's data and tech-driven world.”

Event Organizer

The Tech Humanist Show

Launched in 2020, The Tech Humanist Show is a multi-media-format program exploring how data and technology shape the human experience, hosted by Kate O’Neill. You can review the show’s archives on YouTube or at the show’s website.

The Tech Humanist Show
The Book
Tech Humanist book cover

Tech Humanist

How You Can Make Technology Better for Business and Better for Humans
Other Keynote Topics
Kate O'Neill at UX Australia

Strategic Optimism for an Uncertain Future

including topics related to the future of work and a brighter future for cities, education, or your industry.
Kate O'Neill Speaking

Human Experience in the Metaverse, and What it Means for Digital Strategy and Placemaking

including integrated human experience design, metaverse strategy, and more.
Insights on
Kate O'Neill at Mind the Product London

Business & Strategy

Kate O'Neill at DevLearn

Future & Trends

Kate O'Neill and her book Tech Humanist

Human Experience

Kate O'Neill at Cisco

Written Insights

It’s time to create a human-centric strategy for a change-filled future.