Author of several books including her newly-released “A Future So Bright”, as well as earlier books “Tech Humanist” and “Pixels and Place”, Kate brings depth, breadth, humor, and humanity to data, technology, and business topics, and bridges the gap between business interests and human needs.

A Future So Bright book cover

A Future So Bright

How Strategic Optimism Can Restore Our Humanity and Save the World
Tech Humanist book cover

Tech Humanist

How You Can Make Technology Better for Business and Better for Humans
Pixels and Place book cover

Pixels and Place

Connecting Human Experience Across Physical and Digital Spaces
Scroll through the table below to find out which book is best for you.

Find out which book is best for you.

A Future So Bright book cover
A Future So Bright
Tech Humanist book cover
Tech Humanist
Pixels and Place book cover
Pixels and Place


Learn to navigate the complex and uncertain present for a better future

Learn to make tech decisions that are best for business and humanity

Learn to design experiences that are more connected and more meaningful

For whom?

Leaders of all kinds

Business Leaders, City Leaders

Experience Designers, Strategists


Future, Optimism, Strategy

Tech Human, Humanization of Tech

Connected, Integrated, Experience

The human experience of…

…navigating ambiguity and uncertainty, retaining optimism

…encountering the world in tech-transformed ways

…place, home, integration, meaning


Accompanying Keynotes
Kate O'Neill at UX Australia

A Future So Bright

Strategic Optimism for an Uncertain Future
  • The Future of Work
  • A Brighter Future for Cities
  • A Brighter Future for Education
  • A Brighter Future for Your Industry
Kate O'Neill at Yale

Tech Humanism

How Data and Technology Shape the Future of Meaningful Human Experiences
  • Human-Centric Digital Transformation
  • Humanity At Scale
  • Automation, Integration, AI
  • Better Tech for the Future of Humanity
Kate O'Neill Speaking

Pixels and Place

Human Experience in the Metaverse, and What it Means for Digital Strategy and Placemaking
  • Integrated Human Experience Design
  • Metaverse Strategy
  • Cities and the Future of Human Experience
Lessons From Los Gatos book cover

Lessons from Los Gatos

How Working at a Startup Called Netflix Made Me a Better Entrepreneur (and Mentor)

As one of the movie giant’s first 100 employees, Kate O’Neill describes in this quick read the early culture and lists a few of the lessons she took away to start and run her own companies and advise others.

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Lessons from Los Gatos

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Kate writes prolifically and contributes to numerous outlets on an eclectic array of topics, but her primary focus is the intersection of data, humanity, and meaningful experiences.

Kate O'Neill at Mind the Product London

Business & Strategy

Kate O'Neill at DevLearn

Culture & Humanity

Kate O'Neill at Google

Digital Transformation

Kate O'Neill at Mind the Product London

Events & Speaking

Kate O'Neill at DevLearn

Future & Trends

Kate O'Neill and her book Tech Humanist

Human Experience

Kate O'Neill at Cisco

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