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Some of Kate’s appearance highlights include:

Kate O'Neill in the media

Appearance Highlights

Kate O’Neill major media expert commentary appearance highlights:

BBC World Service

The Real Story: “The pandemic brings more robots”
July 9, 2021


with Kai Rhyssdal: “Could a meme be helping facial recognition software?”
January 17, 2019

NPR Weekend Edition

with Lulu Garcia-Navarro: “Could The 10-Year Challenge Be Putting Your Data At Risk?”
January 20, 2019

CBS News

“Viral ’10-Year-Challenge’ Could Put Your Data At Risk, Experts Say”
January 16, 2019

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The Tech Humanist Show

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News Story Highlights

Kate O’Neill is quoted or featured in the following news story highlights:

The Wall Street Journal

“Minimalist Phones Try to Give Users What They Need—Not Always What They Want”
August 19, 2021

BBC World Service

The Real Story: “The pandemic brings more robots”
July 9, 2021

Retail TouchPoints

“How Adore Me is Driving Awareness Around Social Algorithm Bias”
May 6, 2021

Vancouver Island Free Daily

“O’Neill keynote speaker at upcoming Island economic summit”
October 5, 2020

Exame. (Brazil)

“As redes sociais querem que você sinta raiva. Mas isso pode prejudicá-las” (“Social media platforms want you to be angry. But it can harm them”)
June 23, 2020

Thrive Global

“How to travel and still be present (in your professional role and responsibilities)”
March 4, 2020

Government Technology

“Facial Recognition Experts to Testify to House Committee”
February 6, 2020

The Washington Post

“FaceApp went viral with age-defying photos. Now Democratic leaders are warning campaigns to delete the Russian-created app ‘immediately’”
July 17, 2019

MarTech Advisor

“The Principled Company: How Taking a Stand Can Make you Stand Out”
May 24, 2019

ANJ (Brazil)

“Algoritmos de empresas como Google e Facebook devem ser supervisionados, diz especialista” (“Algorithms from companies like Google and Facebook must be monitored, says expert”)
April 15, 2019

Folha de S. Paulo (Brazil)

“É necessário fiscalizar algoritmos e regular empresas de tecnologia, diz especialista” (“It is necessary to inspect algorithms and regulate technology companies, says expert”)
April 15, 2019

The Media Online (South Africa)

“Why the #10yearchallenge is more than a simple social media meme”
February 12, 2019


“All This Newfound Cynicism Is Going to Hamper Big Tech”
January 29, 2019

Daily Monitor (Uganda)

“Downside of 10-year challenge”
January 25, 2019


“Is the Viral 10-Year-Challenge Meme a Ploy to Train Facebook Facial Recognition Technology?”
January 22, 2019

The New York Times

“Are ‘10-Year Challenge’ Photos a Boon to Facebook’s Facial Recognition Technology?”
January 19, 2019


“Could the #10YearChallenge Really Improve Facial Recognition Tech?”
January 17, 2019


“New tech doorbells can record video, and that’s an ethics problem”
January 17, 2019

The Atlantic

“Go Ahead, Post the Stupid Photo of Yourself From 10 Years Ago”
January 16, 2019

TNW – The Next Web

“Why reducing customer friction is the new customer loyalty”
July 19, 2018


“The Venn diagram between libertarians and crypto bros is so close it’s basically a circle”
May 23, 2018

Business Insider

“The 30 most fashionable women in the US, according to ThredUp”
March 6, 2018

Note from Kate:
I know how utterly shocking it is to see this headline here, but they really did include me on this list, and what’s more, they included me on this list with Gina Rodriguez 🙂

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