About KO Insights

KO Insights is a strategic advisory and thought leadership firm committed to improving human experience at scale, even — and especially — in data-driven, algorithmically optimized, and AI-led interactions.

We help clients find the human solutions in strategic challenges and future-looking projects through an understanding of the implications of digital transformation and emerging technology on humanity, artificial intelligence ethics, and other topics that matter. True to our name, we are driven by insights and foresights, and we deliver results through big picture keynotes, strategic advising, and executive team workshops. Based in New York City with a distributed team and global reach, KO Insights is led by Kate O’Neill, a strategist and futurist who has been featured on BBC World News among other international media.

Who are our clients?

We don’t mean to brag, but we have truly worked with the best. Our past clients and projects are among the World’s Most Admired, the Fortune 500, the world changers, and the most influential. They’ve included Google, the City of Amsterdam, the United Nations COP25 Climate Change Summit, and many, many more organizations across a wide array of sectors. We can’t drop all the names, but through speaking, workshops, facilitation, and strategic sessions, we’ve advised Fortune 100 corporations, major retailers, cities and civic organizations, hospitals and other healthcare entities, top universities, fast-growing startups, and non-profit organizations. For example, we have:

  • helped a top-grossing global fast food company in partnership with a top-grossing soft drink brand think through the integration of their combined online and in-store marketing
  • helped a fast-growing Chinese geo-tech startup with data-savvy and experientially integrative go-to-market and expansion strategy for the U.S.
  • guided ‘smart city’ integration strategy for an IoT platform
  • recommended experience strategy, strategic positioning, and in-culture plan for a major multi-national pharmaceutical company launching a new device with an unconventional delivery pathway
  • recommended and developed an integrated message and experience strategy for a key intergovernmental organization
  • helped a top-ranking university overcome institutional obstacles to develop a segmented, experiential approach to building out a new academic program
  • helped various NGO boards think through integrated online/offline strategic direction and dimensionalizing the experience of their constituents
  • helped many companies with online subscription-model products improve their messaging and conversion through a focus on relevance, data-centric processes, and experience alignment
  • regularly presented keynotes on tech humanist strategy, human-centric digital transformation, and the future of meaningful human experience to hundreds of executive leaders of top global corporations
  • and many more successful projects and initiatives.

“It was a complicated, six-month overhaul and change management project. Kate was a deft politician and advocate whom I reached out to many times for advice and counsel. She threaded the needle very effectively when different leaders advocated for different paths to the same objective.”
— former client

Are you our next client?

You’re the right kind of organization for us if you’re looking to develop future-ready strategies that align purpose, brand, and culture with the right data and emerging technology to be more effective and efficient while creating more meaningful experiences. Sure, that may be a mouthful, but the results of that kind of integrative thinking are more than worth it: our holistic approach pays off in lower customer acquisition costs, higher customer and employee retention, stronger word of mouth, and all kinds of other qualitative and quantitative improvements.

KO Insights also provides guidance on the trends shaping business, technology innovation, and human experience, helping organizations develop their approach to data-rich experience design so that it is successful for the organization and more meaningful for the people who use their products and services.

Led by Kate O’Neill, Backed by Limitless Team and Expertise

KO Insights is led by Kate O’Neill and while many projects are conducted solely by Kate, sometimes the moment calls for a range of insights or a specific perspective — so we tap our network of partners and peers to enhance the results with some of the savviest and sharpest minds around.

Our current and past projects have combined the expertise and experiences of brilliant professionals who’ve worked in leadership and development roles across music, film, e-commerce, healthcare, technology, fashion, and consumer packaged goods across brands like Amazon, Google, Coke, Pepsi, Sony, Adobe, Nike, Volkswagen, and many more.

We count among our collaborators both niche experts and incredible researchers who can become near-experts in no time. For every aspect of our experience strategy projects, we assemble — like slightly nerdy superheroes — as an ad hoc team of remarkable talent and insights from around the world.

Have no fear: we’ll pull together the right team for you.

“Kate and her team quickly assessed my project, worked efficiently to identify solutions and implementing those solutions made a direct, positive impact on my business.”
— former client

How can KO Insights best help you?

Think about where your data+experience+strategy most needs help, especially if it involves thinking about online and offline integration, meaningful use of automation, etc.

Typically, companies who struggle with high customer acquisition costs, low retention rate, poor satisfaction and/or referral rates could benefit from a clearer strategy and better definition of the experience they want people outside and inside of the company to have.

“I can’t say enough about how nice it was to work with someone who knew the subject inside and out.”
— former client

Through the KO Insights experience strategy consulting methodology, Kate O’Neill helps companies think about the people inside and outside their organization and align what they see, think, and do for best results. The approach is iterative, experience-rich, data-informed, insightful, and human-centric.

“Kate is a fantastic business consultant and advisor. Her early input on my startup was, and still is, priceless.”
— former client

Let us know how KO Insights can help your organization create its human-centric strategy for a change-filled future: