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Google Brand Studio

Team Offsite in Lake Tahoe

Helped one of the leading tech companies in the world challenge the way it deals with the future of humanity
Kate providing a facilitated keynote for a Google retreat

Google’s internal brand team needed to be challenged to think more holistically about the future of technology for humanity. In preparing for the event, they said they came to us because Kate‘s message represents “optimism about the role of tech in the world but also a firm reality check,” and because “we need to be thoughtful now more than ever.” They further said, “And don’t hold your punches. If you need to call us out, call us out. We checked with our leadership about whether we’re ok with true truth-telling, and they said we NEED it.” We love that kind of strong start!

Our engagement

Google approached Kate to deliver a facilitated keynote — sort of a hybrid of team facilitation and keynote — at a special team retreat in Lake Tahoe.


Developed and presented a “facilitated keynote” in August 2019 to the team gathered for the off-site retreat. Focus was on tech and its impact on humanity, with an added emphasis on well-being and inclusion.


Several of the models and concepts presented will help them re-imagine their offerings over the years to come for more integrated growth and development projects within a framework aligned around meaningful human experiences.

Key Concepts

human experience, human scale, keynote speaking, strategy, diversity and inclusion, technology company, well-being, strategic retreat facilitation, facilitated keynote

It’s time to create a human-centric strategy for a change-filled future.

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