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How Will Government Leaders Navigate the Transformation of Work?

Helped government leaders from around the world re-think the future of work, jobs, and the workplace to embrace transformation in a human-centric way
Kate O'Neill speaking on stage at the World Government Summit in 2022

The World Government Summit was held in Dubai in March 2022. Kate O’Neill delivered a keynote session on the topic of the metaverse and the future of work, jobs, and the workplace.

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Kate’s insights on the future of work and the metaverse have helped many organizations to prepare for the changes ahead and to position themselves for success in the years to come. The firm’s reputation as an expert in emerging technologies was further enhanced by Kate’s presentation, and the session helped to position KO Insights as a thought leader in the field of the metaverse among government leaders.


Kate’s presentation was insightful and thought-provoking, providing attendees with a glimpse of what the future of work might look like in a world where the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds are blurred.


Kate’s message resonated with the audience, and attendees left the session feeling inspired and excited about the possibilities that the metaverse could offer. KO Insights received numerous inquiries from attendees interested in learning more about Kate’s work and how her insights could be applied to their businesses.

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It’s time to create a human-centric strategy for a change-filled future.

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