A Future So Bright

Strategic Optimism for an Uncertain Future


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Kate O'Neill at UX Australia
The world seems more complex and uncertain every day — and the problems of the future are getting more urgent.

We’re already living through a global pandemic of unprecedented scale, and the next few years are critical to make the best decisions about climate, geopolitics, labor economies, and more to set in place the best possible future for the most people, or at a minimum, the least damaging future for the most people. So how should we think about navigating the future? How do we make strategic decisions in a time of constant change?

While emerging technology is often cited as a problem we face, it also offers tremendous opportunities to facilitate solving human problems at scale more efficiently than ever, while offering better human connectedness. But rather than lead with technology as a solution, it starts with understanding what humanity is, what makes it special, and then using technology to amplify those characteristics.

Kate O’Neill, author of “Tech Humanist,” presents an approach to global transformation of technology and beyond that keeps humans at the center: an emphasis on meaningful human experiences, guided by strategic purpose.

Intended to help both individuals and leaders of all kinds see the landscape of the future in an empowering new way, this session presents the opportunity to solve strategic problems arising from integrating data and emerging technology into business models and operations with a central emphasis on sustainability, ethically-aligned business, and human rights.

The next steps are about creating hard-hitting, actionable strategies that can help you achieve your business goals—and usher in a new era for your company and the people who will thrive because of it.

It’s the surest way to the brightest future.

“Kate is absolutely one of the best keynote speakers I've ever worked with. And her message is positive and relevant in today's data and tech-driven world.”

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It’s time to create a human-centric strategy for a change-filled future.