United States Postal Service

Helped America’s mail system educate its business customers about up-to-date integrated digital-and-physical offerings.

Background:If it were a private sector company, the Postal Service would rank 44th in the 2019 Fortune 500.” The United States Postal Service faces challenges unique to its charter, its scale (with its $71 billion in operating revenue), and how dependent so much of American life is on its services. The organization has been trying more and more to offer programs that integrate digital solutions with direct mail, particularly to help small and medium-sized businesses understand how to use these programs and thrive in a mixed-media, omnichannel context.

Our engagement: USPS wanted an educational outreach program to focus on “integrated measurability – online and offline media, content, and experiences.”

Solution: Together we developed and delivered a virtual educational program for business postal customers on integrated measurability in conjunction with Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®), a highly targeted advertising technique that maps marketing mail audience by age, income, or household size. We also presented how to integrate digital and print products for meaningful customer acquisition and measurable results.

Results: This holistic educational approach to an important segment of their customers helped them improve their overall future-readiness and integrative strategy through ecosystem thinking.

Key Concepts: business model, digital transformation, education, virtual programs