How we can help


It depends on your needs. But ideally, in the first stage, we’d meet over a whiteboard session to identify what we want to accomplish over the full engagement: what challenges you’re facing, how you’ve tried to solve them and what you’ve learned, what additional solutions and resources we might need, how we’ll recognize successes, and so on.


We’ll work on helping you articulate a strategy that guides your next steps to reveal opportunities to invest in customer experience technology and internal infrastructure, and ways to improve overall data collection and use.


Once you have a plan, you can begin to implement it right away. And when questions and obstacles arise, we can always meet again — even monthly — to realign.

Kate O'Neill Speaking

The goal is to help you navigate a changing tech and cultural landscape with the clarity of a strong strategic approach — one that ultimately provides a more meaningful experience for your customers and your employees, as well as a clearer path to profit and growth for the company.

“I would contract Kate again in an instant and certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a thought leader in her area of expertise.”

Former Client

Success Stories

Below are just a few highlighted successes and case studies of some of the forward-looking, human-centric strategic work we’ve done for clients, whether through speaking, workshops, or consulting, or a combination of those services.

Does this sound like something your organization could benefit from? Let’s discuss.