Consulting Practice Areas

If your existing business strategy is leaving you overwhelmed or underwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place.
Strategic thinking needs an integrative approach: aligning brand promise, customer experience, digital behavior, audience segmentation, data collection, product development, technology deployment, and operations.

This is an opportunity to work directly with strategic expert Kate O’Neill. As she describes it:

When we do these alignment sessions, we discover the brand’s unique and organic elements of strategy: what really makes the company tick. We develop frameworks — roadmaps, toolsets, style guides, whatever it takes — at a deeply integrative level, at a philosophical level, that tie together company purpose, brand value, and human motivations. This process always surfaces opportunities for greater alignment, which means the organization can be more effective, and can accelerate growth and learning. Once we have this understanding as a foundation, I work with clients to develop future-aware approaches to technology and data that position the company for growth and market advantage while treating customer relationships and data ethically and responsibly.

These workshops get your team thinking about the needs and motivations of the real people you’re trying to do business with. They can help you craft meaningful messages and experiences to develop deeper customer relationships, and what’s more, help you get better at the process of doing it yourself.

Consulting Practice Areas

We offer consulting to help elevate your strategic thinking, align your team, and set you up for greater success. A three-hour whiteboarding session can re-orient your whole marketing strategy. Some past areas of focus for previous clients include:

  • Transformation, Integration, and Acceleration: Deeply Adapting the Business to New Data and Tech
  • Dimensionalizing Human Experience Through Touchpoints and Data Strategy
  • Integrating Human Experience Design Thinking Across the Company

Ad Hoc Strategic Consulting

If your strategy is in chaos or you’re struggling to grow, or both, we offer one-on-one or small group sessions at your office or via virtual meeting to help you unpack the challenge, reframe it, and develop an action plan.

Ongoing Retained Strategic Consulting

In a select few cases depending on availability and need, we can offer ongoing guidance and consulting through a retained arrangement.

Contact us through the email form below and give us a little background and let’s discuss how we can help.


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