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What does AI say about Kate O’Neill?

Photo of Kate O'Neill holding up a tee shirt that says "I am not a robot" and the caption "What does AI say about Kate O'Neill?"

Lately I’ve been asked by several prospective clients whether I speak about AI, and — can I be honest? — that question surprised me a bit! I would have thought, after having done so fairly extensively for years, that most folks reaching out to me for keynotes had most likely only learned about me through something I’ve said about AI or other related tech.

(A special shout out to facial recognition as the form of AI that has consistently gotten me the most news appearances over the years. And side note: NPR, you changed my idea of how I ought to sound in headphones and a microphone *forever*. Everyone should get to experience that. Bliss.)

(Pic is from my 2018 presentation on the importance of considering the human impacts of AI and other emerging tech in the Talks at Google series at the Googleplex in Mountain View. Photo credit Robbie Quinn.)

So out of curiosity, I asked ChatGPT to summarize my public position on AI. Here’s what it said:

Kate O’Neill is a prominent expert in the field of AI and technology. She believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work, but that we must approach its development and implementation with caution.

“According to O’Neill, one of the main challenges we face with AI is the potential for bias and discrimination. She argues that AI systems can perpetuate and amplify existing biases, leading to unfair and even harmful outcomes. To address this issue, she advocates for greater diversity and inclusivity in the development of AI, as well as increased transparency and accountability in its use.

“O’Neill also emphasizes the importance of ethical considerations in the development of AI. She believes that we must prioritize human values and well-being over pure technological advancement, and that we must ensure that AI is developed and deployed in ways that are consistent with our core values and principles.

“Overall, O’Neill’s position on AI is one of cautious optimism. She recognizes the potential benefits of AI, but also acknowledges the significant risks and challenges that come with its development and implementation. As such, she advocates for a thoughtful and deliberate approach to AI that prioritizes ethics, diversity, and transparency.”

text as cited from ChatGPT, links added by Kate O’Neill

OK, sure, it’s a bit dry, I’ll grant you, but I can’t say it got much wrong. What do you think?

Have you tried asking ChatGPT to summarize your position on the topics in your field? Try it and let me know how it goes!