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Mining as a metaphor for sustainability

The Economist has an interesting read on the metals shortage the world faces:

“By the late 2030s there will probably be enough new mines and recycling for the transition to proceed as planned. The question is how much disturbance there will be in the interim. Things will be tight. Since supply will be concentrated in a few countries, local unrest, geopolitical conflict or even bad weather could hit markets”

By coincidence, I just got back from keynoting the Nevada Mining Association‘s annual conference hosted alongside stunning Lake Tahoe. Being surrounded by such natural beauty for this event was fitting, as ecology and sustainability play a big part in the discussions within the industry. I had the opportunity to interview Dana Bennett, president of NVMA on The Tech Humanist Show. Our conversation leads to some very interesting parallels and insights for other industries on balancing economic drivers with environmental stewardship and sustainability in both senses.

Have a listen: