Virtual Events as Only Kate O’ Can Do Them

More than ever before, your team needs to think about technology in a human-centric way. Our lives have changed from the covid-19 pandemic and they’re not going back to pre-pandemic “normal” any time soon — now what’s normal is a new level of virtual connectedness, and new expectations for frictionless experiences.

And you’d expect the author of Pixels and Place and Tech Humanist to offer not only virtual events, but an emphasis on connectivity, meaningful human experiences, and an optimistic view of the future. And that’s exactly what Kate does. Her signature events are virtual keynotes on Tech Humanism and her “optimistic futurist” view.

Named to the 2020 Thinkers50 Radar, Kate is a world-class thought leader, strategist, futurist, expert media commentator, and the speaker the world’s leading companies rely on for, as one Google exec put it, “optimism about the role of technology in the world along with a firm reality check.”

“I loved how she was smiling the ENTIRE TIME.” (Photo credit: John A DeMato)

Her insightful perspective made her stand out from the crowd

audience feedback

Kate has been offering virtual programs for many years for clients like USPS, Cognizant, and many others. She leads virtual presentations, facilitates virtual workshops, and offers online guidance on topics from overall strategy to human-centric digital transformation.

“During her session I forgot all about how much I usually hate virtual events”

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As a recurring commentator in broadcast media for her tech expertise, Kate knows how to be both credible and energetic on screen.

“It was very refreshing & exciting to find a like-minded person who clearly knows the pulse and mind of the consumers”

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Exciting message,

delivered beautifully

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The Human Touch

Kate’s online presence is warm and engaging, even through the screen.

Kate practically comes through the screen with positive energy (screen capture from virtual presentation)

The style of presentation and the way the insights were cleverly communicated were very valuable to me; it helped me connect to these insights in my own work

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And she uses interactive engagement techniques specially adapted to virtual experiences to get everyone participating.

Her engaging, human style leaves audience expectations changed.

“Kate is an excellent and engaging speaker”

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The Future’s So Bright…

Fun fact: Kate is rarely seen without sunglasses on her head (screen capture from virtual presentation)

Looking for a jolt of inspiration and big picture thinking? Kate “never stops smiling,” according to audience reviews, and can bring a ray of hope to even the most difficult topics. Her most-requested keynote of 2020 is Strategic Optimism for an Uncertain Future, which brings her signature upbeat style to understanding the future human impact of a wide range of emerging technology and business trends.

“Really got a boost from your session!”

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“She shared many insights into how technologies can be used at scale to create meaningful human experiences — ones that can solve world problems.”

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“Such an awesome message!
Thank you Kate!”

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