Thinking today for tomorrow

Reading today both that Sumatran rhinos are extinct in Malaysia (only 80 of the species are left in Indonesia now) largely due to poaching for their horns, and that koalas are in ever-greater danger (even if they may not be “functionally extinct” as a few now-viral articles have claimed) due to habitat loss from the bushfires which are worsening likely due to human effects on climate. There are untold consequences of human effects for humans everywhere too, of course, but the suffering of animals tugs especially at my heart.

Today seems like a good day to do some deep thinking about both the big, bold actions and incremental choices we need to make to leave the world better off from here, not exponentially worse off.

Is there a small step you can make? Is there a big action you can take, and/or that we can take together? I invite you to join me in considering these questions today.

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  1. My today is dominated by shopping and cooking dinner for ~35 people, trying to get my physics paper finished and submitted, and planning for the 2020 US Go Congress next summer (I’m a co-director). Not a lot I can do there to save the planet, except that the meal is mostly-vegetarian (quinoa and vegetables, carrot-dill soup, spinach-broccoli soup, baked winter squash soup, bread, salad, apple crisp, …). Tomorrow should be less busy.

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