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Kate’s approach to the future of work is both visionary about tomorrow’s possibilities and grounded in what will help humans thrive today. And since nothing about the future of work is one-size-fits-all, her programs are tailored to the kinds of concerns her clients are facing. Her programs have included:

  • Future of Work discussions around remote and distributed teams, emerging cultural expectations, and so on  
    — for large employers like Colgate-Palmolive, Lowe’s, and many others
  • Future of Jobs discussions around the emerging roles for human contribution
    — for thought-leadership firms like Cognizant and HfS Research, and others
  • Future of the Workplace discussion about tech and non-tech workplace solutions
    — for providers such as Envoy, Proxyclick, Kelly Services, and more
  • Future of Leadership discussions on emerging priorities, managing combined human-machine workforce, etc,
    — for complex organizations like Northwestern Mutual, and many others

Today’s business and tech leaders look to Kate O’Neill, the “Tech Humanist,” for “optimism about the role of technology in the world along with a firm reality check,” according to one Google executive. Whether delivering a keynote on her signature topics or offering an industry-specific insight, Kate O’Neill is a dynamic and bright speaker with experience speaking at 100s of events and meetings all around the world. She presents thought-provoking, energizing, high-concept ideas about topics at the intersection of data, emerging tech, strategy, meaning, and human experience.

Whether working directly with event organizers or through top-tier speakers bureaus such as Washington Speakers Bureau and Leading Authorities, Kate speaks to the decision-makers and experience-shapers of the most influential companies and organizations from Coca Cola to the United Nations, at industry conferences and private events.

“I definitely recommend Kate as a keynote speaker at any type of professional event. Her experience creates an arsenal of expert subjects she can share to inspire a variety of audiences.” — event organizer

Signature Talks & Programs on the Future of Work

Each of these talks blends forward thinking, an overall optimistic outlook, and insightful takeaways for the audience through Kate O’Neill‘s breadth of experience and bleeding-edge thinking.

A Tech Humanist Look at the Future of Work

From AI-enabled recruitment systems to virtual presence robots, even the workplace of the present can seem a little strange. But what do emerging and exponential technologies mean for the future of human jobs? It no longer sounds alarmist to say that at least some parts of our jobs are probably going to be replaced by automation or by cognitive computing. Depending on which forecast you consult, as many as half of all job categories risk displacement, if not complete replacement, by machines in the years to come. There will certainly be impacts on the economy, on production, on efficiencies of scale, and on innovation. But beyond the economic impacts, how will this shift our human understanding of meaningful work, of accomplishment, of achievement? And how can companies prepare for workplaces that increasingly blend human and machine contributions? This thought-provoking and ultimately inspiring talk from Kate O’Neill, author of Tech Humanist, offers clarity, encouragement, and a thoughtful approach for business leaders to adapt to the big changes ahead while grounding the discussion in the timeless fundamentals of humanity.

Better Technology for the Future of Humanity and Why We ALL Need to Build It

IDEAL FOR: technology events wanting to emphasize diversity and inclusion; diversity and inclusion events wanting to emphasize technology

  • considers that emerging technologies and the technologies of the future are increasingly immersive, and the data about us that shapes our everyday experiences, both online and offline, will increasingly affect our surroundings, our opportunities, and our well-being in seamless, holistic ways
  • advocates for women, People of Color, and others who have historically had less input into the direction of technology to be able to lead the way forward
  • argues for building the best futures for the most people
  • offers encouragement, clarity, and practical steps for a more diverse and inclusive group of humans to influence the future of human experiences

Meaningful Growth

IDEAL FOR: corporate leaders, cultural leaders, organizational leaders

  • considers that not all growth is meaningful
  • advocates creating relationships with customers based on an understanding of their motivations and what compels them
  • offers a framework for growth that adds value

Worth a look: Highlights of Kate’s writing on the future of work:

The Future of Work vs. the Future of Jobs

Executive summary:
While business tends to focus on the future of work and humans tend to focus on the future of jobs, the real potential for the future is in aligning them.


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