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Led by Kate O'Neill, the "Tech Humanist," we help leaders like you understand and navigate the human impacts of future trends and digital transformation.
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KO Insights is a strategic advisory firm committed to improving human experience at scale, even — and especially — in data-driven, algorithmically optimized, and AI-led interactions.

As the founder and CEO of KO Insights, Kate O’Neill regularly keynotes industry events, advocating for the future of humanity in an increasingly tech-driven world.

Her insights help corporate and cultural leaders re-think how to succeed long-term by taking a human-centric approach to digital transformation and readiness for the future.

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Kate has spoken for tech giants like Google and IBM, conglomerates like Comcast, food brands like McDonald’s and Coca Cola, health leaders like Cleveland Clinic, universities like Cambridge and Yale, cities like Amsterdam and Austin, several groups within the United Nations, and hundreds of technical and marketing industry conferences and events.

They’re organizations with storied histories, big futures, and complex challenges — perhaps not unlike yours. Each of them is responsible for a whole lot of humans and a whole lot of human experiences, and they all rely on big human insights to pull their strategies together.


More than ever before, your team needs to think about technology in a human-centric way. Kate O’Neill delivers thought-provoking, energizing, high-concept ideas about topics at the intersection of data, emerging tech, strategy, meaning, and human experience.

Whether pre-recorded, live, standing for the full keynote effect, or a seated fireside chat, Kate delivers the warmth people crave along with the expertise people need.

Kate O'Neill at Mind the Product London
Most Requested Topics
Kate O'Neill at UX Australia

A Future So Bright

Strategic Optimism for an Uncertain Future
  • The Future of Work
  • A Brighter Future for Cities
  • A Brighter Future for Education
  • A Brighter Future for Your Industry
Kate O'Neill at Yale

Tech Humanism

How Data and Technology Shape the Future of Meaningful Human Experiences
  • Human-Centric Digital Transformation
  • Humanity At Scale
  • Automation, Integration, AI
  • Better Tech for the Future of Humanity
Kate O'Neill Speaking

Pixels and Place

Human Experience in the Metaverse, and What it Means for Digital Strategy and Placemaking
  • Integrated Human Experience Design
  • Metaverse Strategy
  • Cities and the Future of Human Experience

“Kate is absolutely one of the best keynote speakers I've ever worked with. And her message is positive and relevant in today's data and tech-driven world.”

Event Organizer


Helping companies and organizations facing digital transformation — or any transformation.

Whether our team is leading executive strategy workshops in Barcelona, Hong Kong, or Washington D.C., the KO Insights priority is to help leadership teams align on their priorities, so they can become better stewards of the human experiences they create and accelerate through digital transformation.

Kate introduced the term “human-centric digital transformation” in Tech Humanist and her Human-Centric Digital Transformation model and canvas helps leadership teams think through and work through how their own transformation can be more human-centric and more successful overall.

KO Insights Kate O'Neill at IoD London
Kate being interviewed on-stage about transformation at Institute of Directors in London, 2016
Kate O'Neill at Mind the Product London

Helping cities and regions looking ahead to a complex future

Kate has helped cities from Amsterdam to Austin, from Nanaimo (on Vancouver Island) to Nashville think about their forward-looking strategies through the lens of meaningful human experiences, addressing vast and integrative topics like AI and the future of work, equitable housing strategies, climate mitigation, digital services, public spaces and placemaking, and so on.

In the face of complexity, focusing on human experience gets you surprisingly far.

“OMG Kate O’Neill was absolutely amazing. This was our highest attended All Hands yet. We are getting nothing but amazing feedback.”

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Kate O'Neill

Kate O’Neill, The Tech Humanist

Long known as the “Tech Humanist,” Kate is known industry-wide as the voice of humanity in tech.

Kate is helping humanity prepare for a future driven by emerging technology and other changes at scale. Along the way, she helps companies, organizations, and cities adopt integrative strategies with meaningful human experience at their core — leading to successful use of data and emerging technology while creating more meaningful and profitable connections with the humans who do business with you and rely on you.

“One of the smartest and most forward-thinking people in the interactive space”

Former Client


Author of several books including her newly-released “A Future So Bright”, as well as earlier books “Tech Humanist” and “Pixels and Place”, Kate brings depth, breadth, humor, and humanity to data, technology, and business topics, and bridges the gap between business interests and human needs.

A Future So Bright book cover

A Future So Bright

How Strategic Optimism Can Restore Our Humanity and Save the World
Tech Humanist book cover

Tech Humanist

How You Can Make Technology Better for Business and Better for Humans
Pixels and Place book cover

Pixels and Place

Connecting Human Experience Across Physical and Digital Spaces

“Her experience creates an arsenal of expert subjects she can share to inspire a variety of audiences.”

Event Organizer


Kate writes prolifically and contributes to numerous outlets on an eclectic array of topics, but her primary focus is the intersection of data, humanity, and meaningful experiences.

Kate O'Neill at Mind the Product London

Business & Strategy

Kate O'Neill at DevLearn

Culture & Humanity

Kate O'Neill at Google

Digital Transformation

Kate O'Neill at Mind the Product London

Events & Speaking

Kate O'Neill at DevLearn

Future & Trends

Kate O'Neill and her book Tech Humanist

Human Experience

Kate O'Neill at Cisco

Written Insights

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    The Tech Humanist Show

    Launched in 2020, The Tech Humanist Show is a multi-media-format program exploring how data and technology shape the human experience, hosted by Kate O’Neill. You can review the show’s archives on YouTube or at the show’s website.

    The Tech Humanist Show

    It’s time to create a human-centric strategy for a change-filled future.