Human-Centric Digital Transformation: Strategic Clarity Session

Intended to help companies, organizations, cities, museums, and entities of all kinds solve strategic problems arising from integrating data and emerging technology into their business model, operations, and experience strategy, and to do so by aligning the data model and technology deployment in these areas around human experiences meaningfully, respectfully, and profitably.

Business can’t ignore the need for digitization, and humanity can’t ignore the need for purpose and meaning. The best and ultimately most successful approach to digital transformation strategy is one that starts with strategic purpose, uses ongoing data and results to improve, and achieves sustainable business success.

“What does it mean to face a tech-driven future?” is just one of the many prompts that help start the process of gaining strategic clarity around digital transformation

What’s more, the benefits of doing this work go beyond a sense of future-readiness. It’s now-readiness. This work aligns the entire organization, offers efficiencies, clarifies priorities, uncovers inconsistencies that hold back growth, simplifies decision-making, and puts resources where they matter most.

It’s the surest way to a better data-guided, future-ready company.

Who leads the strategic session?

Kate O'Neill, Talks at Google, October 2018
Kate O’Neill, Talks at Google, October 2018

Kate O’Neill, who has been leading innovative experience optimization and digital transformation initiatives for more than 20 years for companies of all sizes across industries around the world. Think: Netflix, USPS, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, and many more. She has an uncanny ability to balance the needs of the company with the needs of the customer. She’s brand-savvy, culture-savvy, and data and tech-savvy.  Author of five books on the future of tech-driven experiences and top keynote speaker on digital transformation, Kate thinks deeply and dimensionally about how business can succeed while offering the most meaningful experiences to the humans inside and outside the company. Kate can offer breakthrough insights about how to make your efforts more effective.

“We continually refer back to the work you led us through. It helps shape our approach toward every aspect of the business.” — past client

What does the program entail?

It depends on your needs. But ideally, in the first stage, we’d meet over a whiteboard session to identify what we want to accomplish over the full engagement: what challenges you’re facing, how you’ve tried to solve them and what you’ve learned, what additional solutions and resources we might need, how we’ll recognize successes, and so on.

We’ll work on helping you articulate a strategy that guides your next steps to reveal opportunities to invest in customer experience technology and internal infrastructure, and ways to improve overall data collection and use.

Once you have a plan, you can begin to implement it right away. And when questions and obstacles arise, we can always meet again — even monthly — to realign.

The goal is to help you navigate a changing tech and cultural landscape with the clarity of a strong strategic approach — one that ultimately provides a more meaningful experience for your customers and your employees, as well as a clearer path to profit and growth for the company.

What problems can we solve during the session?

Maybe your organization needs to model its data better to provide greater insights and offer more relevant customer experiences. 

Maybe you’re struggling with the best way to implement emerging technologies like AR, or chatbots, or something similar.

Or maybe you’re experimenting with automation tools but you don’t yet have a strategy around it, or how it will impact your core business, or your workforce, etc.

The questions organizations face around data and tech are nearly endless, so the possibilities for value to your organization are nearly endless, too.

How long is the strategic session?

Depending on your needs, we can approach the process in various ways. It may be a combination of:

  • guiding your executive team through a whiteboard (or virtual whiteboard) session
  • delivering a 45-60 minute keynote to your entire organization
  • leading your team through an intensive half-day or full-day strategic workshop.

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