A Future So Bright: The Book

A Future So Bright front cover
A Future So Bright: How Strategic Optimism Can Restore Our Humanity and Save the World

We have been underselling the future. In fact, the future will be neither dystopia nor utopia (which is an actively harmful dichotomy) — it will be what we do the work to make it. And the best way to the brightest future is to focus on what we CAN do, and make sure we are working to get there.

Between climate change, the impact on the future of work by intelligent automation, misinformation, and more, humanity faces several exponential changes and existential threats simultaneously. Yet emerging technology also brings with it tremendous power and offers the potential to solve human problems at scale. To achieve this, though, we need to understand the fullness of what those technologies can do, how they could go wrong, and what market forces are likely to pay for it. One way or the other, technology will be a big part of our future — so we have to work now to make it a GOOD part of our future, and a tool for achieving the best futures.

But building the brightest future means looking beyond and around tech, too; it’s about the holistic observation in acknowledging the relationship between all of humanity’s opportunities and that interconnect, from the economy to climate to the future of jobs.

Kate O’Neill, author of Tech Humanist and Pixels and Place, explores the ways we have already begun to solve human problems at scale, and makes the case for an approach that’s both hopeful and strategic as our best chance at a truly bright future.

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