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picture of Kate O'NeillAs a “tech humanist and cultural strategist,” Kate O’Neill can recognize and articulate the potential for meaningful human experiences in everyday strategy, and in doing so, can help companies make more money and add lasting value. She has a history of pioneering big ideas in the marketing industry: she was an early voice for advocating empathy combined with data to guide experience optimization, and brought a meaningfulness model to marketing strategy. Her career has likewise been a series of firsts: after building the first departmental website at the University of Illinois at Chicago, she was recruited to Toshiba in San Jose, California and built their first intranet, shortly after which she held the first content management role at Netflix. Kate also founded digital strategy and analytics firm [meta]marketer, led cutting-edge online optimization work at Magazines.com, and held leadership positions in a variety of digital content and technology start-ups.

Now founder and CEO of KO Insights, a research and advisory firm, Kate describes herself as a tech humanist and cultural strategist. Her firm provides guidance on the trends shaping business, technology innovation, and human experience, helping organizations develop their approach to data-rich experience design so that it is successful for the organization and more meaningful for the people who use their products and services. Clients have included Fortune 100 corporations, major retailers, cities and civic organizations, hospitals and other healthcare entities, top universities, fast-growing startups, and non-profit organizations. Through KO Insights, Kate has, for example, helped a top-ranking university develop a segmented, experiential approach to building out a new academic program; helped a top-grossing global fast food company think through the integration of its online and in-store marketing; and helped many companies with online products improve their messaging and conversion through a focus on relevance, data-centric processes, and experience alignment.

Kate writes prolifically and contributes to a variety of outlets about a wide range of topics, primarily at the intersection of data, humanity, and meaningful experiences. She has been profiled and quoted in CNN Money, TIME, Forbes, USA TodayMen’s Journal, the BBC, and other national and international media. Her latest book, Pixels and Place: Connecting Human Experience Across Physical and Digital Spaces, launched in September 2016.

Based in New York City, Kate currently serves on the Retail Advisory Board for “social think tank” Remodista alongside leaders of top retail brands like Coach, New York and Company, and more. Kate previously served on the executive boards of the Nashville Technology Council and the Nashville Fashion Alliance, on the advisory board to Tennessee State University‘s Business Information Systems department, as a mentor and advisor with startup accelerator Jumpstart Foundry and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, and on several national corporate boards. In addition, Kate is a vocal and visible advocate for women in technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership — she was featured by Google in their global campaign for women in entrepreneurship.

Kate has been named a “Woman to Watch in Retail Disruption,” “Technology Entrepreneur of the Year,” “Social Media Strategist of the Year,” a “Power Leader in Technology” and a “Woman of Influence,” along with numerous other awards and recognitions.

She speaks regularly at industry conferences and private events, providing keynotes, participating in panel discussions, and leading workshops. For booking, inquire via this contact form.



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