Strategic Facilitation

Transformational strategy often needs outside help: the nuanced input of an outside expert, sometimes in a session conducted outside your normal workspace. During executive and team retreats, it’s key to have a facilitator who brings a wealth of insights from across industries and business models, who ushers the discussion along with nuance and respect.

This is an opportunity to work directly with strategic expert Kate O’Neill. As others have described Kate:

“Kate is at once both a formidable expert and a warm, approachable colleague.” — testimonial

“She had the skill and wisdom to come up with good, and often novel, approaches, and the diplomacy to navigate a tense working environment.” — testimonial

Creative facilitation formats to suit your needs

Facilitation needs are not one size fits all: your team is not the same as the next team, and we know that. We’ll work with you to develop the best format — onsite or offsite, in person or virtual, front-led or richly collaborative, etc — to deliver the outcomes you need the day to yield.

Kate providing a hybrid front-led session — a facilitated keynote — for a Google departmental retreat in Lake Tahoe

Kate facilitating a richly collaborative creative UX and design team-building session with a lot of laughter and bonding

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