The KO Insights Team Is Limitless

KO Insights is led by Kate O’Neill and enhanced as needed by an extended team and network that includes some of the savviest and sharpest minds around. We come together with expertise for every aspect of our experience strategy projects, combining remarkable talent from around the world.

Our current and past projects combine the expertise and experiences of brilliant professionals who’ve worked in all kinds of roles across music, film, e-commerce, healthcare, technology, fashion, and consumer packaged goods across brands like Amazon, Google, Coke, Pepsi, Sony, Adobe, Nike, Volkswagen, and many more. Is your head spinning yet? These are some accomplished and impressive people.

Have a look at our strategic solutions and reach out — we’ll pull together the right team for you.

“Kate and her team quickly assessed my project, worked efficiently to identify solutions and implementing those solutions made a direct, positive impact on my business.”
— former client