Kate O’Neill, “Tech Humanist” and Keynote Speaker on How Data Shapes Human Experiences

If your event needs a bright, charismatic professional keynote speaker on innovative topics related to data, technology, and the human experience, you’ve come to the right place.

Kate O’Neill speaks about how data and technology shape our experiences as humans, and about meaningful growth and digital transformation through aligning business purpose, culture, and data strategy.

Author of several books including Pixels and Place: Connecting Human Experience Across Physical and Digital Spaces, Kate brings depth, breadth, and humanity to data and technology topics and connects with audiences from engineers to artists, from students to senior executives. An award-winning entrepreneur, author, technologist, and strategist with a diverse and accomplished background in analytics, marketing, and linguistics, Kate has spoken for Google, Vanderbilt University, and dozens of technical and marketing industry conferences, association conferences and annual meetings, corporate events, and more.

Recurring themes are meaningful experiences, meaningful metaphors, empathy, purpose, culture, relevance, alignment, respectful data strategy, and organizational sophistication.

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They’re listed here by audience/area.

Highly Technical / Software / Hardware / Tech Futurism

Sample topics:

  • How Meaningful Tech Can Empower Humanity
  • Data and Digital Culture

Examples of relevant past events:

  • WordCamp Nashville — keynote, May 2014
  • BarCamp Nashville
  • PodCamp Nashville

“She brings a terrific blend of wisdom, humor and humility.” — former event organizer

Highly Creative / Writers / Artists / Musicians

Sample topics:

  • How Meaning Empowers Creativity
  • Metadata and Meaning: What Creators Need to Understand about Metadata and Digital Marketing
  • Art and Technology

Examples of relevant past events:

  • Who Knew Nashville, April 2015
  • re:Write workshop, May 2015
  • Artober, Nashville TN, October 2013

“She was captivating in telling her story while offering key insights.” — former event organizer

Marketing / User Experience / Content Strategy / Customer Experience / Brand Strategy

Sample topics:

  • Developing a Meaningful Marketing Strategy
  • Meaningful Stories
  • The Meaningfulness Revolution: How the User Experience Mindset is Changing Marketing
  • Creating Meaningful Customer Relationships
  • Digital Sophistication: Strategy, Digital Data, and Behavioral Insights
  • The Human Connection: Persuading Through Caring, Empathy, and Emotion
  • Draper vs. Drucker: Why Mad Men Hate Metrics, and How Marketing Optimization Can Make Peace
  • The Keys to Value: Developing a meaningful value proposition
  • Truly Smart Marketing: How Leading Companies Are Using Online Intelligence to Inform Customer Development
  • Developing a Meaningful Social Media Strategy
  • Ecommerce & Usability: Improving Website Conversions
  • It’s the Searcher, Not the Search: Meaningful Search Marketing Today
  • Developing a Meaningful Content Strategy
  • Measuring What Matters: Meaningful Marketing Analytics

Examples of relevant past events:

  • GIANT, Charleston SC, June 2015
  • Delight, Portland OR, October 2014
  • Conversion Conference
  • MarketingSherpa
  • PubCon, Las Vegas NV, October 2013
  • Online Marketing Conference
  • IDEAlliance webinar series in partnership with USPS, February-March 2014
  • Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Conference, Nashville TN, July 2014 — digital marketing strategy for media
  • PRINT Conference, Chicago IL, September 2013 — digital marketing strategy
  • Americana Music Conference, Nashville TN, September 2013 — led panel on digital marketing

“one of the smartest and most forward-thinking people in the interactive marketing space” — former event organizer

Entrepreneur / Business Owners

Sample topics:

  • Meaningful Growth
  • Meaningful Marketing for Startups
  • Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups
  • Best Relationship with Most Customers
  • Creating Meaningful Customer Relationships

Examples of relevant past events:

  • General Assembly, New York NY — recurring
  • Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Nashville TN — recurring
  • The Skillery CO.STARTERS Entrepreneurship program, Nashville TN
  • The Skillery CO.STARTERS Food Entrepreneurship program, Nashville TN
  • Google for Entrepreneurs Hangout for global launch of #40Forward initiative, February 2014

“She really made us think – but also gave us concrete takeaways we could use in our business.” — former event organizer

Student / College / Youth

Sample topics:

  • Decisions With No Data and Change You Can’t Control (See Also “Life”)
  • The Science of Marketing

Examples of relevant past events:

  • TWISTER (Tennessee Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Research)
  • Belmont University
  • Vanderbilt University

Cities / Government / Colleges / CVBs / CofCs / place makers and place marketers

Sample topics:

  • The Meaning of Place
  • Ecosystem vs. Landscape: The Evolution of Nashville’s Tech Community

Examples of relevant past events:

  • CIVSA — keynote at national conference, Nashville TN, June 2015
  • Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Williamson County Chamber of Commerce

Women in Tech / Women Leaders / Women in Business / Women Entrepreneurs

Sample topics:

  • Leading with Strength
  • Women and Entrepreneurship: Thinking Bigger and Bolder

Examples of relevant past events:

  • Stella Parton’s Red Tent Conference, Nashville TN, April 2014
  • Thrive Conference for NAWMBA, Nashville TN, July 2014
  • Empower Women, Nashville TN

Futurist / Trends / General Audience / Social-Minded / Humanitarian / Advocates / Activists

Sample topics:

  • Why Meaning Matters: How Empathy, Metaphor, and Relevance Frame the World and Can Change the World
  • Social Justice and Tech
  • Digital Marketing Trends (for CEOs or CMOs)
  • Privacy, Data, and Our Digital Future

Examples of relevant past events:

  • Franchise Business Network — keynote at annual meeting, Nashville TN, Jan 2015
  • 36|86 – focused on Southeast startups and culture, June 2015
  • The CMO Club — Nashville chapter meeting, September 2014

“I suggest if you have not had the chance to hear, or even meet, Kate you need to make it your purpose to do so.” — former event organizer


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